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Customization in Streamline[edit | edit source]

Customization is one of the key features in the game Streamline. Cosmetic items are unlocked through packs as you play the game.
Packs are give to players as random rewards at the end of matches. The more you play, the more packs you earn- unlocking more items to customize your character!
There are also exclusive items that players can unlock by purchasing the game and through special events.

How to Customize Your Character[edit | edit source]

Customizing your character is just a few clicks away! Start at the main menu and click "Inventory"

From here click "Character"
Character Menu.jpg

Once you have reached the customization menu, you can choose different categories to customize.
Item Menu.jpg

If you have recently unlocked an item- a green exclamation point will appear on the corresponding category.

While browsing your customization categories you will be able to see which items you have not yet unlocked. This is indicated by a grayed out image with a lock symbol, example below:
Locked Items.jpg

Customize to your heart's content, and enter the game with your unique creation! Again, the more you play, the more customization options you will have!

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