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Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Icon Elim.png

Eliminate all the players
In Elimination mode, the Hunter’s goal is to eliminate all of the Runners with a stop sign. The Runners are competing against one another to collect as many points as possible over the course of the match while avoiding the Hunter. (The Hunter cannot collect point orbs.) There are three rounds per match. The winner is the Runner with the most points at the end of the match.

Icon Tag.png Tag
Tag is a game mode that allows all players to be a hunter or a runner. In the start of the first round a hunter is randomly selected. As hunter if you tag someone, they become the new hunter and you become a Runner. While being the hunter you cannot pick up any points until you have tagged someone else and have returned to being a runner. At the beginning of the second and third round the hunter is the player in first place.

Each of the three rounds lasts 2 minutes each and there is no eliminations, this means all player stay alive until after the 2 minutes are up, at this point sudden death will begin and all players are given stop signs. The winner is the Runner with the most points at the end of the match.

Icon Bitball.png

Bitball is a team vs. team mode where the team with the most points(goals) at the end of the match wins!

  • Teams: There are two teams with a maximum of five players per team. (though 4 vs 4 matches are generally the best)
  • Matches: A match consists of two rounds of five minutes each.
  • Scoring: The primary objective of the game is to put the Bitball into your opponent’s goal to score a point for your team.
  • Overcharge: Players can collect gems to “Overcharge” their team. If your team scores while Overcharged, you score bonus points!
  • Controls: Bitball controls are nearly identical to other modes except:
    • Your boost meter auto regenerates (though you can still pick up energy bolts)
    • You can’t punch while you possess the Bitball, but…
    • ...You can throw/pass the ball when you possess it
  • Respawn: If you die, you will respawn at your team’s goal.
  • Winning: At the end of the two rounds, the team that has scored the most points is the winner. If the score is tied, the match goes into sudden death and the first team to score wins.
Icon TeamElimCS.png Team Elimination
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List of game modes[edit | edit source]