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Hosting a Game[edit | edit source]

Below are some FAQs about hosting a game

Do I need to be streaming to play Streamline?[edit | edit source]

No, but it’s the most fun way to play! Click here to learn how to join a game if you want to play without hosting a party on Streamote.

How to Create a Party[edit | edit source]

The stream broadcaster must manage the party. To create a party, Click "Stream Setup" from Streamline or sign into your account on Twitch then go to On the left hand side of the dashboard, go to “Party” and change the party type to your preferred format (“Invite only,” “Subs only,” or “Public”). Public parties are open to any Streamline player, including those joining parties from the Quick Match feature. “Subs only” parties will only be open to channel subscribers. “Invite only” parties will require that the party manager send an invitation to the player that must then be accepted either on Streamote or in-game in order to join the party. More information on Streamote here.

How to Host a Match[edit | edit source]

To host a match, click “host match” in the game client and select your preferred map. Party members can then “join” the match. When you reach this point, players other than the host can move around on the map of your choosing.(Players cannot load into a map until a match has been hosted.) In the game lobby, player status is represented by red dots (not ready to play), yellow dots when a player has opened their game, or a green check mark (ready to play). If a player is taking too long to play, you can kick them from the party with the “x” box next to their name. When everyone is ready to play, click the “Play” box at the bottom right of the game client. If you need to change the map or game mode you can do so before a game starts. Once you choose a hunter, the betting phase will begin, announced by the Streamote bot in the host's Twitch chat. After the betting phase and Rule store phases have completed (or been skipped), the match will begin.

Mamimum Party Size[edit | edit source]

The maximum party size per match is 15 Runners. You can, of course, play with a smaller party, but the more the merrier!

Why don’t I see myself in the party or on the leaderboard?[edit | edit source]

The party and leaderboards only show the competing Runners. If you do not see yourself in the party, then you have either not yet joined the party on Streamote or you are the Hunter. The Hunter cannot collect points and therefore will not be on the leaderboard. The Hunter will, however, receive a performance grade at the end of the match.

Broadcaster Asset Pack[edit | edit source]

To aid broadcasters Proletariat has put together an asset kit for Streamline broadcasters. It includes assets for streaming, social media, and more. You can access the kit at

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