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Joining a Game in Streamline[edit | edit source]

There are 4 different options to join a game in Streamline
If you are looking for how to host a game please visit this page

  • Finding a Party through the Streamote previews in Streamline
  • Using the Find a Match option
  • Browsing parties on
  • Joining friends through Steam
  • Using the Practice option (single player practice)

Let's take a look at what each of these options means:

Finding a Party using Streamote Previews[edit | edit source]

From the main menu on the right side of the screen you will see video previews of streamers who are hosting games on
If the party is open with space available you will see a "Join" button.
Streamote preview join button.jpg
Click "Join" to join their party!

If the match is in progress you will be able to spectate until another match is available
Getting tired of waiting? You can back out to the main menu and customize your character- you will be notified when your party leader is ready to play!
Streamote preview join game button.jpg
Clicking the "watch" option will open their page in your default browser where you can watch and interact with the party you have joined!

Using the Find a Match option[edit | edit source]

By clicking the "Find a Match" option in Streamline, you will be immediately placed into a match that has open spots.
This could be either a hosted match by a streamer or a grouping of solo players who have also hit the "Find a Match" button.
You may have a waiting period before a match starts. A good way to get into a game if there are no open parties available.

Browsing parties on[edit | edit source] is the website used for viewers to interact with streamers who host Streamline games.
The streamer (host) decides how the party is setup: public, invite only, subs only. If the streamer has their party set to public, then anyone can join, up to 15 players!

From the main page, you will see all previews for those who are live streaming.
Streamote main page.jpg
If you click on a stream from here you will directed to their Streamote page where you can join the party if it is open! Of course, you can also interact with the stream by betting, voting, and playing bingo!

Joining / Inviting Friends Through Steam[edit | edit source]

Streamline has Steam Integration for joining your friends!
To join a friend who is already playing Streamline and has joined a party, simply right click on their name on your Steam Friends List and click "Join Game" as seen here:
Steam Join.png
As long as the party that your friend joined is public and has open space, you will be able to join them!

To invite a friend to play- first join a party using the methods listed above this section.
Second, access your Steam Friends List and right click on the friend you want to invite, then click "Invite to Game" as seen here:
Steam Invite.png
As mentioned before, if the party you invited your friend to is set to public and has space your friend will be able to join you!
More on Steam integration to be added at a later date.

Playing Practice Mode (single player)[edit | edit source]

Need some practice playing Streamline before you hop into a party? That's what practice is for!
To play Practice Mode, click "Play" from the main menu and then "Practice".

From here you will choose a map and then click "Start Game".
Practice map select.jpg

Practice as long as you want, then join a party when you are ready to play with others!