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About[edit | edit source] is the proprietary website created by Proletariat, creators of Streamline, for the purpose of giving streamers and viewers a better way to interact with one another while playing Streamline without crowding the chat space.
From the Streamote site:

Streamote description.jpg

Joining a party on[edit | edit source]

To join a party on simply choose a streamer from the home page and this will load their Streamote page.
If their party is public and has space you can click "Join Party" below the video player.
Join party streamote.png
After you are in the party, launch Streamline and hit "Play Now"! If the party leader is not in a match, you will be prompted when the party leader is ready to play.
Please see this page for more options on how to join parties.

Creating a party (hosting) on Streamote[edit | edit source]

Before hosting a game, you will need to authenticate your Twitch account on
Click on the "Broadcaster Sign-Up" button in the top right to sign up for hosting on Streamote.
Streamote signup.png
Follow the instructions on the page from here.

After this is done, mod the Twitch username "Streamote" in your twitch channel you will be broadcasting from by typing "/mod Streamote".
This will allow the Streamote bot to announce to viewers, tell players how to interact with your game and join the party!

Now on to creating a party:
From any page on you will be able to access your dashboard link in the top right corner which looks like this:
Dashboard link.png

From your Dashboard you will be able to click "Create a party" on the right hand side as seen here:
Create party.png

Select the party permissions: invite only to choose who plays(from players in your chat), subs only(for partnered streamers), or public to let anyone join.
After setting permissions click "Create a Party" to create the party. If the party is public, people will be able to join immediately.
You can change the permissions of the group anytime you want- for instance if you are a Twitch Partner and you want to give your subs an advantage to join party first then open to the public you can do that!
You can kick group members from the party here if needed as well.
There are other features to Streamote as a broadcaster such as a custom currency (with your own icon) and seeing which players have Streamline installed when inviting to party. More to be added to the wiki at a later date.

Interacting on Streamote as a Viewer[edit | edit source]

Watching a broadcaster play Streamline is not the same without the Streamote experience!
Make sure you have your favorite Streamline broadcaster's Streamote page open while watching them play! "Streamote" the bot that announces events in Streamline, will give you a link to interact.
Just click and connect your Twitch account in the top right to get started!
Connect w twitch.png

Note: Each section on Streamote has a tooltip that looks like this: Tooltip.png Hover over this icon and click to see a quick description of how to use that section of Streamote!

Here are some ways you interact with the game while watching:

Bet on the matches:
Each broadcaster has their own "points" which are used to bet / buy rules. See your point total in the top right.
Streamote Points

Before a match starts, a betting phase will begin, announced by "Streamote" in the chat
Bet 2.PNG

Click "Bet" by who you wish to bet on and then click "set"
If you bet on a winner you will receive points to spend on betting and the rules store(see below)and a pack to unlock custom items in Streamline!

Buy Rules from the Rules Store
After the betting process is complete you move on to purchase rules to deploy during the matches.
These are first come first served and cost points against your total in the top right.
Rule Store.png

Deploy these rules whenever you want, in the round that you chose the rule in.
1st row is round one, 2nd row is round two, 3rd row is round three.
There is a delay to deploying the rule so think ahead!
List of all rules here.

Vote on Rules During a Match
You can also vote on rules during a match.
Simply click the rule that you want to vote for, the rule with the most votes at the end of the timer wins and will be be deployed in the game!

Play Bingo!
You can play Bingo during an active match. Bingo tiles will flash as events occur in Streamline.

Click on squares as new events happen on the stream. Connect 4 in a row to win BINGO!
A Bingo win will give you 4000 points that can be used on the channel you are watching for betting / purchasing rules and a pack to unlock cosmetic items in Streamline!

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