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Streamote Mini-games

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Mini-games are available in all modes and are available to the viewers.

Bingo[edit | edit source]

Playing Bingo

Bingo is a fun Mini-Game that allows viewers to win Streamote.tv Currency and packs. Streamote Currency is used to bet on players and purchase Rules from the Rules store before a match!

The Bingo tiles are based off the Rules and Bonuses in game. In order to activate a rule tile the rule must activate in game, this means that any rules voted on that do not activate before the round ends, are not counted. To activate a bonus tile, the streamer whose Streamote.tv you are watching from, is the only one that the bonus will count for, this means if any other player gets the bonus other than the streamer you are watching, it will not count.

You can hover your mouse over any tile to see a basic description of that Rule or Bonus

When 4 tiles in a row are lit up and selected a [Bingo] button will appear in the middle of the bingo board. Clicking this button will check your board, if a bingo is found and selected you will be rewarded 4000 Streamote.tv Currency and 1 Pack, which can be redeemed in game for cool cosmetic items such as clothing and boost trails. You are limited to winning 10 Packs before you need to launch Streamline and redeem your packs!
Clicking a lit up bingo tile will reward the player will 100 Streamote Currency.

Once a bingo has been won, the bingo boards for the viewers watching on Streamote.tv will be cleared and a timer will countdown until the next bingo game begins!

Voting[edit | edit source]

Vote for rules during a match
Voting allows viewers to vote on rules which modify how the game is played. When the game play begins a box will appear on the streamers Streamote.tv page with 3 rule options. Rules can be voted for by clicking the rule, if you are unsure of what the rules do, you can hover over each for a short description. An indicator bar shows the ratio of votes each rule has. If there is a tie between rules one of them will be chosen randomly, similarly if there are no votes on any rules one will be chosen randomly.