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Objectives:[edit | edit source]

Runner[edit | edit source]

The main objective of the runner is to pick up as many points as possible while avoiding death at the hands of the hunter (see below). Points are gained though point orbs and Bonuses . During the "Elimination" mode, if a runner is eliminated they turn into a ghost (see below). During the "Tag" mode, if a runner is hit ("tagged") by the hunter, they respawn as the hunter and seek out another runner to "tag". In all modes, the runner with the most points at the end of the game wins the match! Your placement on the scoreboard at the the end determines how much experience you gain and packs rewarded.
TL;DR Avoid Hunter, collect points, profit?!?!

Hunter[edit | edit source]

The main objective of the hunter is to eliminate runners using with their stop sign. In "Elimination" mode, the hunter stays the same the entire match. Eliminated players become ghosts (see below). In "Tag" mode, the hunter will start as a random player and changes hands only when the Hunter is able to hit ("tag") another player. As a hunter, you receive a score at the end of the match based on your in game performance. Your score determines how much experience you gain and packs rewarded.
TL;DR As a hunter, you seek and destroy. Rinse and repeat. Then press "G" to pay your respects (kidding).

Ghost[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Ghosts only appear in "Elimination" mode currently. Ghosts have no role in "Tag" mode.
The main objective of ghosts in "Elimination" mode is to hunt down your haunting target which is highlighted by a pink ghost icon above their head. When you become a ghost, you will receive a notification telling you who your haunting target, which remains visible in the top left corner of your game screen. Hunt them down and punch them to "haunt" them. After a successful hit ("haunt") your target will change to a new runner in the game. You receive bonus points for each haunt you accomplish successfully, gaining more points for each successive "haunt". As soon as sudden death happens (round time runs out or only one runner left) all ghosts are removed from the game. The game rule "Rise From Your Graves" brings all ghosts back for a limited time and you are back to being a runner until the timer runs out or sudden death occurs. The game rule "Vengeful Spirits" allows ghosts to eliminate other ghosts, runners, and the hunter. Ghosts do this with their bare hands (punch only).
"Revenge is a dish best served with bare fists." -Streamline Ghosts, 2016

Default Control Scheme[edit | edit source]

Action Keyboard Controller
Move Forward W Left Joystick (Up)
Move Back S Left Joystick (Down)
Move Left A Left Joystick' (Left)
Move Right D Left Joystick (Right)
Doge Roll Left Q LB
Doge Roll Right E RB
Boost Shift or Right Mouse Button LT
Crouch/Slide Ctrl X
Jump Spacebar A
Attack Left Mouse Button RT
Taunt G B
Leaderboard Tab Y

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